New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix

Sunday's photos

Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback following Sunday's concert - we're really enjoying hearing your thoughts.

Lots has been going on since Sunday.  We were delighted with the huge turnout, but it has meant we need to think carefully about ensuring we have enough space for everyone and that we can organise the ticket sales a little better.  We will be selling tickets in advance for the next concert on October 27th, we 're still confirming where they will be available from, but we hope to announce this in the next few days.

Alex is extremely sorry to have missed Sunday's concert due to illness, but we are already in discussion with him about offering something to those who came on Sunday in the form of a free event - watch this space, we will confirm the details as soon as we can.

So, as promised - some photos from Sundays event.............




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