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Can a harp sound like Dr Who's Tardis?

Hello, Earworms! It's Emma from the Earworms team, here. Do you mind me calling you 'Earworms'?

I'm really excited about our next performance by Harpe Noire. When we first started talking about our new family concert series, we had the harp in mind as one of those instruments people think they know, but don't very often have the chance to hear and see live and up close. One of the lovely aspects of Earworms is the range of music and instruments you discover. You'd be hard pressed to come up with a sound more different to last month's Devon Youth Jazz Orchestra. We aim to tickle your ears in as many different ways as there are sounds in the world.

Harpe Noire come from a world of harps that reaches way beyond the 'pretty women in lovely frocks' that we all imagine.

And yes, there is a world of harps. Did you know that the harp is the Paraguayan national instrument? Many different cultures have a harp in their midst, and Harpe Noire will transport us musically from England to Ireland, over the sea to the USA for a bit of jazz (not so far from DYJO, then), via Paraguay to Japan, back to Europe, all within an hour and possibly including a star turn from a famous mystery guest harpist, some sausages and a bit of tin foil.

If you don't know the answer to the Tardis question above, neither do I. Like me, you'll have to come to the Northcott Theatre, Exeter, at 2pm on Sunday 16th Feb to find out. See you there!

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