New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix

Earworms today!

Good morning!

A lovely sunny May morning and we're looking forward to Exeter Contemporary Sounds' performance today.
There will be fantastic music by Steve Reich - Different Trains which we've added some fabulous film footage to.  Simon Belshaw's Between the moon and the earth has some truly beautiful images of the earth as seen from near the moon during the Apollo 8 mission.  There will also be music by Michael Nyman, Kraftwerk and Leroy Anderson.
We're also welcoming the wonderful Julian Rippon (Bass) who agreed to sing one little song for us and has since been roped into more and more silliness!  It's also a  bit of a star wars special to celebrate
'May the 4th'!

Tickets on the door.  All kicks off at 2pm at Exeter Northcott.
Many thanks to JoJoMamanBebe for sponsoring today's event.

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