New Season launches, November 6th 2016
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Something old, something new

Hello Earworms

At 2pm on Sunday, Solarference will be live, on stage, at Exeter's Northcott Theatre with a concert specially prepared for Earworms family audiences. Solarference are making adventurous music that marries the newest technology with songs that are often centuries old, and it makes for a fascinating musical journey.

The centre of Solarference are the wonderful voices of Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen. Sarah is known to large numbers of singers of all ages across Devon and beyond through her work as a Community Musician with Wren Music.  Nick and Sarah sing traditional songs of England and Wales, often learned by oral tradition or from archival research.

The new bit is the rest of it. Solarference love to play with sound, and find sounds in the unlikeliest of things. You might expect them to turn up with stones, guitar, musical boxes and rolls of sticky tape. The sounds of these objects and instruments are played live, then fed through intricate computer code to weave textures, beats, echoes and harmonies together with the voices. This is really musical storytelling, with the songs and their stories at its heart.

For a taster of the Solarference creative process, have a look at this short video.

I must add that those of you who enjoyed Matthew Shepherd's musical saw playing with the Seat Of The Pants Orchestra back in October in the good old Voodoo Lounge might be lucky enough to hear it again on Sunday. If that doesn't tempt you, then I don't know what will...

...and, what better treat for Father's Day? We'll be there, with our dads. See you there!

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