New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix


We've been enjoying having a little rest since our performance at Earworms in May.  Exeter Contemporary Sounds are now also busy preparing their next performance at Exeter Phoenix on July 6th - more details on our other blog -

We have Solarference performing for us at Earworms on June 15th.  Here is a little more information about them.  Tickets are on sale through the Northcott box office - 01392 493493 or in person at Exeter visitor info and tickets in Dix's Field.

Solarference Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen perform with voices, laptops, instruments and sound objects.  Their work is rooted in a repertoire of English and Welsh traditional songs, set within atmospheric worlds of transformed sounds using their own self-designed performance software.
Every sonic detail of a Solarference performance is crafted and created live, as Nick and Sarah weave together layers of sound and song.  Improvising and responding together, Solarference’s music is born purely of the moment and place. Their performances are interactive and theatrical; fascinating live experiences.

Solarference have a track record of collaborating with other artists including animators, circus artists, dancers and theatre makers.  The duo have just completed a regional tour of their live soundtrack to the 1920 classic silent film ‘Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde’.

Winners of the 2012 Fatea Award for Innovation, Solarference have been described as “one of the most original acts playing English folk music” (fRoots magazine). Based
in the South West of England, their unique approach to fusing traditional folk music with live electronics has been gathering a growing critical acclaim and their first album, Lips of Clay, was released in late 2012.

Nick, based in Bristol, is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, as well as having an MSc in sound design.  Sarah is a versatile vocalist from East Devon with a background in sonic art and composition.  Solarference is the perfect forum for the two to bring together their love of the human voice and their fascination with live audio transformation.

“Crossing into new musical territory, Nick Janaway and Sarah Owen perform their live electronic folk music to captivated crowds … a fascinating show."
- Festivals for all

“Totally intoxicating. This project has reached a magical fruition. May mornings will
never feel quite the same again."

 “Simply Genius… the ghost of a voice singing down the ages..."

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