New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix


We've just about recovered from yesterday's launch!
What an amazing afternoon - we were so delighted (and possibly a little overwhelmed!) to see so many there.  Thank you all for coming along and supporting the event.

Thank you also for all the feedback - we're really pleased that so many enjoyed the experience.
Do feel free to keep emailing us your thoughts - and do  let us know what sort of music you'd like us to be planning for the forthcoming events.

Check back here - we'll be uploading some photos of the event in the next few days and will have more details about the next adventure!

Meet the Earworms

We are the very proud owners of an Earworms Jingle !

Written by Simon Belshaw, for those of you who would like to learn the words before
Sunday - here it is!

Read more about Simon's music at   @music_machines

All about Mervyn

Our Earworms concerts will be hosted by Musikgarten teacher & children's songwriter Mervyn Bedford.
The Musikgarten programme in internationally renowned for its excellence in holistic music education. Mervyn has been running Musikgarten classes for children throughout Devon since 1996 and currently has classes in Exeter, Tiverton, Newton Abbot & Totnes. He is well known for his inspirational classes and much loved children's songs.

Mervyn is a regular visitor into schools and nurseries and has conducted teaching seminars around the UK for many early years organisations. He has created interactive, musical experiences and special events for children in many varied locations including the forest, farm, garden and castle. He has partnered with Exeter Symphony Orchestra and other musicians to create exciting concerts for the family and is delighted to be hosting the Earworms family concerts at Exeter Phoenix.

Earworms do Phonic FM

Emma and Julie have been chatting to Martin Hodge on his Phonic FM show 'Hot Pebbles' this afternoon.
You can have a listen to a recording of the programme here.

Earworms artwork

Hopefully you will have already spotted our lovely flyers and posters around Exeter and beyond.

Local artist and illustrator, Richard Jones seemed the ideal choice when we were looking for somebody to design our logo and first flyer design.  With a wealth of study and experience in art & design, and a particular passion for children's illustration, we gave Richard free rein and were delighted with the result.  We like to think the design will look so pretty on your fridge -  that it won't  make it to your recycling bin!

Here are some more of Richard's designs.  
Richard can be contacted by email at

All pictures are subject to copyright and not to be used without prior consent.


The Performers (part 2)

On September 29th, alongside Isca Voices, we are looking forward to hearing some spectacular vocal techniques from Alex Norgate aka Audible1

Beatboxing (also beatbox, beat box or b-box) is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhthym, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, and the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments. 

Alex is known primarily as a DJ and beat-boxer on the live music circuit, but off the stage  is a passionate producer. Running his own studio, he makes a variety of genres but mostly latin influenced trip hop and lounge.
Alex trained as a youth worker for Devon County Council and ever since, his skills and workshops have been in high demand. Alex specialises in teaching his unique musical approach to anyone willing to learn. As well as private tuition, Alex has experience in several other teaching fields, with a variety of clients in many different settings - from mainstream schools, youth centres and prisons to young offenders institutions and psychiatric rehabilitation clinics.

The performers!

With our performers now finalised for our first concert on September 29th, we thought you might like to learn a bit more about them.

Isca Voices are a choir of ex girl choristers from Exeter Cathedral.  All already highly experienced musicians  and between them they have a huge amount of performance experience.  Under their director Stephen Tanner (Director  of Girl Choristers at Exeter Cathedral as well as Director of Music at Exeter Cathedral School), they perform a very wide range of music, both sacred and secular.

Girl choristers leave the cathedral choir at the age of thirteen and Isca Voices was formed in 2008 to give them the opportunity to keep singing together. The choir has gone from strength to strength and they have performed in many concerts as well as at weddings and other functions.  They are just beginning rehearsals for the new year, joined by some of last years outgoing choristers and are really looking forward to singing for us at Exeter Phoenix.

Tickets now reservable

You can now reserve tickets for our first event on September 29th.
Tickets are £3 for all over 2 years or £10 for a family of up to five.

This first event will run from 2 - 3pm in the dance studio at Exeter Phoenix.

TIckets can be reserved by calling  on 01392 491079 or email us at

As the summer is drawing to a close and the autumn chill seems to be kicking in, we're starting to step up a gear with our publicity and organising of the first event.

We are delighted that a fabulous young local choir, Isca Voices have agreed to help us launch the series.  Alongside them, beat-boxer Alex Norgate will also be performing.  It should be a fabulous and interesting mix!

More information about the performers will follow, but in the meantime pass the word around and come and join us on the 29th September.......