New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix

Music Boxes, Music Machines and May the 4th

I've been working on a number of different things for the next Earworms' concert. My piece, Between the Moon and the Earth for string quartet, backing track and film was composed in 2002 and has had several performances since then so requires no work at this stage.

Exeter Contemporary Sounds are currently working on a programme of Machine Music which will be performed at the Exeter Phoenix in July and some pieces that we are going to play will be performed at the Northcott on May 4th.

We have arranged The Model by Kraftwerk for the quartet and Andrew has arranged a Bach Fugue. In our Machine Music programme there is a piece for music boxes and I have made a music box version of the Earworms' Jingle.

Here is a picture of the roll that goes through the music box:

and here is a video of it being played:

Another piece of mine that we (audience included) will be performing on May 4th is Music Machine 1. For this piece you need no musical ability nor an instrument (but having one or both does not exclude you). We will explain more on the day but if you can't wait have a read about it here. If you've got an instrument that you want to bring along please do, it can be a toy instrument, whistle in fact anything that can make a sound. Here are some of the instruments we'll be bringing:

Finally, have a listen to this

Do you know what it is and what it means? The first person to email us the correct answer wins an Earworms' t-shirt!

(clue: May the 4th)

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This concert is sponsored by JoJo Maman Bebe - thank you very much!

 Look forward to seeing you all at the Northcott


May the 4th be with you.......

Rehearsals begin tomorrow for our first, very own Earworms performance on May 4th.

Exeter Contemporary Sounds are the brains behind the Earworms concerts, set up following a popular open rehearsal as part of their 'Back there on Earth' tour back in 2012. Incidently, another performance of this is coming up on May 9th at The Flavel in Dartmouth if anyone would like to come along. Read more about it and book tickets here.

We're really looking forward to performing. We have spent a great deal of time planning, organising and running the Earworms concerts over the last few months, it's lovely to be presenting our own choice of music which will feature highlights from our last programme and the one currently in preparation.

There will be music for String Quartet and film by Steve Reich (Different Trains), arrangements of Kraftwerk, Bach and They Might Be Giants. We'll also feature music by local composer (& Earworm's photographer) Simon Belshaw - Between the Moon and the Earth has a backdrop of film from the Apollo 8 mission. They really are mesmerising - a must for any young space fans.

There will be some audience participation - and as it's May the 4th we couldn't resist some Star Wars references.

Come and join us!

April's photos

Thank you to everyone who came on Sunday.
It was such a treat to hear the nyckelharpa and the wonderful playing from Amadou and Griselda.
Here are a few photos - you should be able to find the full set on our facebook page

Lots of plans afoot for May. Exeter Contemporary Sounds, the musicians who started and now run Earworms are planning a programme of string quartets. It will be a lot less stuffy than that might sound - keep an eye on the blog and we'll update with the music planned over the next few weeks. See you on May 4th!

7th performance of the Earworms' Jingle

Here is the 7th performance of our Jingle,  performed by Griselda Sanderson and Amadou Diagne at our April 2014 concert:

Crosse + Crosse sponsor Earworms

We're hugely grateful to Crosse+Crosse Solicitors for sponsoring April 6th's Earworms concert with Griselda Sanderson and Amadou Diagne, and for being the first company to offer such support.
Earworms concerts are funded by ticket sales, and by sponsorship and advertising in our handout. In order to continue to present high quality concerts that are accessible to all, we seek further sponsors, advertisers and funders, either for individual events or for the whole series. Do get in touch with us if you or your company would like to offer support.