New Season launches, November 6th 2016
Exeter Phoenix

October's Earworms

We really enjoyed the concert on Sunday - and from all the lovely feedback comments, it seems everyone else did too.

Thank you to Seat of the Pants Orchestra for the wonderful film choices and the accompanying music.

Here are some photos of the event.





October's Earworms performers

Seat Of The Pants Orchestra with 'The House That Moved'
Exeter Phoenix, November 2012
The Seat Of The Pants Orchestra improvises musical accompaniment to silent films and projections. For Earworms they have selected some lovely childrens' films from the past 100 years or more, and the orchestra members are polishing their percussion (Sam Fisher), cello & musical saw (Matthew Shepherd), saxophone & electric guitar (Philip Robinson), viola (Andrew Gillett) - and gathering an array of other musical/household devices for your delight.

So, if it's not been composed and practised, how does the music get created? SOTPO has a FIELD OF PLAY to help in their music-making. We reveal it, below. For lots more about SOTPO, look at 


do or don’t watch the film beforehand

be playful in your playing
be serious in your structure

be bold

accidents - accept, embrace, incorporate, develop, ignore, avoid

go with the flow or don’t go with the flow
be influenced or keep your own direction
are we hearing too much or not enough from you?

very loud music is ok sometimes
very quiet music is ok sometimes

cultivate knowing when not to play

from conventional music to eccentric soundscapes - gambol freely

don’t be afraid not to use an idea however important it may have seemed

‘There’s good music and there’s bad muisc, I like both kinds’ (Duke Ellington): enjoy each

So what is an Earworm.....

Wikipedia  gives this definition of an Earworm

An earworm is a catchy piece of music that continually repeats through a person's mind after it is no longer playing. Phrases used to describe an earworm include musical imagery repetitioninvoluntary musical imagery, and stuck song syndrome. The word earworm is a calque from the German Ohrwurm.

Our very own jingle has already become a bit of an 'Earworm' in this house, and I'm sure it will only get worse when it's heard at every event.  Apparently at least 90% of us experience an Earworm attack at least once a week - some described as 'unpleasant' and 'disturbing' - hopefully our Jingle won't be one of those!

There is a really interesting research project being carried out at Goldsmith's, University of London - have a look here if you would like to be a part of their research

And, come along on Sunday and see if you can adopt our very own Earworm.
Numbers are strictly limited this time, so do book your tickets in advance to avoid disappointment - or call 01392 491079.

Listen to our Jingle's first performance

Here is the premiere of our Jingle,  performed by Isca Voices at our September concert:

Tickets now available.......

Tickets are now on sale for our October 27th event. 
To reserve your tickets, send us an email or call 01392 491079 and we will tell you how you can pay for them. 
Seats are being limited to ensure more comfort and space - so do get in touch!

We are looking forward to some film, music and improvising in October with the Seat of the Pants Orchestra.  Mervyn is planning lots of interaction and improvising for the children!

Sunday's photos

Thank you so much for all your lovely feedback following Sunday's concert - we're really enjoying hearing your thoughts.

Lots has been going on since Sunday.  We were delighted with the huge turnout, but it has meant we need to think carefully about ensuring we have enough space for everyone and that we can organise the ticket sales a little better.  We will be selling tickets in advance for the next concert on October 27th, we 're still confirming where they will be available from, but we hope to announce this in the next few days.

Alex is extremely sorry to have missed Sunday's concert due to illness, but we are already in discussion with him about offering something to those who came on Sunday in the form of a free event - watch this space, we will confirm the details as soon as we can.

So, as promised - some photos from Sundays event.............